My “study” was no longer - it had been taking over by the kids, and was now an art room.

Fast forward to post-Katherine. I have my study back, complete with upgraded art space for the kids. My workspace is not only functional and organized (with ‘homes’ for all my papers, bills, etc.) but elegant. Gone are the piles of papers, the cluttered shelves and the ugly mouse pad. In are the crisply organized surfaces, the attention to detail in all areas and the appealing look of an adult study.

Even better - the kids love it. A wall is now dedicated to their art work. Their art supplies are binned and labeled so nothing gets lost (and they can clean up themselves!), and they know just where to go to get things.

Katherine took a space that lacked form and was struggling to meet my family’s needs, and made a beautiful room that is that the study I need, and the art room my kids always wanted.
— Katie, mother of three, Potomac.
Katherine was terrific. Our kitchen was a disaster! She helped us get organized to better use the space and make us more comfortable cooking. She even created great menus for the whole family that took all our needs into account. I would definitely recommend her!
— Mark, father of two, Bethesda.