Kitchen Coaching & Meal Planning


For many families, shopping for, preparing, and enjoying delicious, nutritious meals feels impossible. With work, school, and extra-curricular schedules, eating a good home-cooked meal together has fallen to the bottom of—or even off—our seemingly overwhelming list of priorities.

As a result, many of us don’t eat together or eat too many carry out or prepared meals. These habits not only hurt our physical health, budgets, and the environment, but also the social and emotional health that comes from quality mealtimes together. On top of this, we’re inundated with information about food and complicated recipes that are hard to curate with limited time and resources. How can we change this? It simple: get into your kitchen and prepare a meal!

Refine works with individuals and families to develop a customized approach to the kitchen that works for you. By building a repertoire of “go to” recipes that are easy to prepare, Refine’s “kitchen coaching” will set you and your family on a path to enjoying delicious, nutritious meals together for years to come. In addition to recipe and shopping lists, Refine provides personalized and even on-call coaching and assistance for clients with cooking, timing, shopping, and even picky eaters. Clients find that beginning with a “clean slate”—by organizing and cleaning out the kitchen and pantry—to be helpful. At the end of this process, clients develop a rotation of easy to prepare meals they can enjoy with the people in their lives.




  • Develop a meal planning and preparation approach that work for individual and family tastes, and schedules with the goal of developing a repertoire of “go to” meals
  • Personalized coaching and assistance for cooking, shopping, and other meal preparation challenges
  • Set up a workable grocery shopping or delivery system
  • Organize and clean out the kitchen and pantry
  • Deliver weekly meal planning and shopping lists
  • Develop entertaining templates and plans that include menus, timing, shopping, and decor