About Us


Refine Home Concepts is a lifestyle service that organizes and optimizes how and where you live.   We deliver services that streamline and simplify living, empowering you to put life in its place.   


Let’s face it—modern life is chaotic. The things we own start to own us, and before we know it staying on top of it all can be an uphill battle. But Refine can help. From decluttering and devising systems in any room or space to creating meal plans tailored to individual or family goals, Refine creates customized, sustainable, and beautiful solutions to simplify and enhance the life you lead.

Refine brings creative ideas, great style, and a purposeful yet practical elegance to every engagement. Once your home is “refined,” you’ll be ready to get more out of each day in a space you love.


Katherine DiGiovanni

Katherine DiGiovanni helps clients create order in their lives. A lifelong organizer, Katherine has a passion for helping clients get control of their possessions, shed unwanted items, and turn their spaces into places they love. Katherine is also an experienced home cook who is passionate about helping people to prepare simple, healthy, and delicious meals.

With 20 years of experience in the communications field serving government clients, non-profit causes, and private sector companies, Katherine brings a wealth of professional experience to every endeavor. She understands the many demands on people that can overwhelm and lead to disorder. Katherine has a passion for the arts and relishes the opportunity to bring beauty into people’s lives.

She lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and two children.

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